Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What the hay?

I just recently said I'd start blogging right after hell freezes over, but.... well there you go.

If nothing else, this'll be a place to record the tidbits and links about things I come across related to internet security (IS) issues, such as new exploits (esp. "zero day" ones), etc. It will at least initially be PC-centric, but I may inject a little Mac Goodness as needed since I support Grace's MacBook (which as of today has Leopard spots - thanks B!). I have no idea how long I'll keep this up, or how often I'll update it, so treat it as a Social Experiment.

As I am a relative Noob to the details of IS, I also thought I'd try to make this a place where more casual computer users (e.g. relatives, pet pigs, etc.) can learn a thing or two.

As I have no idea how this Blogspot thing works, please stand back a bit just in case something breaks and spins off debris at ballastic speeds, and please do wear your safety glasses.

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