Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cryptography: Tambourines and Rubber Hoses

Did you know that secure passwords can, with the proper training, be discovered via a procedure that involves a tambourine? It says so right here. There's a link there that also talks about the rubber hose method, which is one of the least computationally-intensive approaches that has been developed. (Thanks to JJ for the link!)

I am reminded of one of the songs that's in the Sony PSP game Lumines 2 (awesome!) - "Black Tambourine". I never realised until just now that it's by Beck, or that it has at least a tenous link to cryptanalysis!

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  1. I have a tambourine. It's downstairs in a closet w/ some of my music gear. This article provides great incentive to get busy with it. Even if I can't remember any passwords, I could certainly use a couple of hours of trance state about now.