Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Pathetic Example of a Hacker...

First: the good news - this guy is probably wearing a bright orange jumper at the moment. The bad news - the accused was a security guard at a Texas hospital, and in his idle moments, he figured out how to break into some of the hospital computers - including the system that controls the hospital's heating and air conditioning systems. It doesn't seem that killing anyone was his real goal, but it gets hot down there and if he had wanted to turn off the AC on a hot day, he could've, causing all kinds of problems for the hospital. Fortunately his ego got the better of him and he posted Youtube videos of his adventures and other clues which led to his sudden wardrobe adjustment.

The whole story is here, which has a link to his last couple posts (prior to getting arrested!) on a hacker forum that he was a member of. (The best part about that thread is where someone labeled him a Massive Chunk of Fail after he was caught - that made me cackle.)

While we're on the topic of computers and health care - did you hear about the MRI machines that were infected with the Conficker worm a while back? Of course, that only happened because the machines had an internet connection. Doh!

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