Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Microsoft releases "out of cycle" patch for Shortcut Flaw

Hopefully you've already heard about this because you're Paying Attention, but just in cast you haven't: Microsoft released a fix yesterday (Monday) for the shortcut/LNK vulnerability that has been in the news over the couple weeks. I strongly recommend that you get your Windows system(s) patched with this fix. I have patched my WinXP and Win7 systems with no issues, and have subsequently removed the workarounds that I had in place.

Go to MS's Security Bulletin MS10-046 and select your version of Windows from the table there; that will take you to a download/instruction page - or alternatively, run Windows Update, which should get it for you automatically. You will probably have to reboot your system afterwards (I had to for both XP and Win7).

Update: Microsoft has released a fairly technical Q&A for this fix - good reading for those that want to dig into the details.

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